Device allows measuring the thickness of various coatings on metals, and with connected specialized probes to the device, user can measure the temperature and humidity of air, surface temperature, calculate the dew point, and also measure the depth of grooves or surface roughness.

measurement of electroplating on steel in the range of 0 to 500 μm, also on

small radius products, or in grooves;

Coating Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST TP-1M is designed for:

◙ measurement of the thickness of coatings on various non-ferrous metals;

◙ measurement of paintwork coatings, polymers and other dielectric coatings in the range of up to 5 mm;

◙ measurement of very thick/inhomogeneous coatings on any metals (steel or non-ferrous metals);

◙ evaluation of roughness, measurement of the depth of corrosion, surface defects and grooves;

◙ measurement of humidity and air temperature, on the basis of which – calculation of the dew point;

◙ measurement of surface temperature;

Specification of Coating  Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST TP-1M


Thickness measurement range(depends on probe type) 0 µm … 60 mm
Dimensions, mm 122x65x23
Operating temperature range, ° C -20 … +40 ° C
Batteries 2 AA
Type of connectors of probes Lemo
Storage of measurement results 256
Time of continuous work hours, not less 20
Weight of electronic unit with batteries, no more, kg 0.2
Power 2 AA batteries
Time of continuous work, not less, hours 10



AS 2331.1.4, AS 3894.3-B, AS/NZS 1580.108.1, ASTM B 499, ASTM D 7091, ASTM E 376, ASTM G 12, BS 5599, EN 13523-1, IMO MSC.215(82), IMO MSC.244 (83), ISO

1461, ISO 19840, ISO 2063, ISO 2178, ISO 2360, ISO 2808-7C, ISO 2808-7D, ISO

2808-12, NF T30-124, SSPC PA 2, US Navy PPI 63101-000, US Navy NSI 009-32, ASTM D 1186-B, ASTM D 1400, BS 3900-C5-6B, BS 3900-C5-6A, BS 5411-11, BS 5411-3, DIN 50981, DIN 50984, ECCA T1, ISO 2808-6A, ISO 2808-6B, SS 184159.


Specification of  probes for Coating  Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST TP-1M

Coatings on steel (dielectric and conductive

coatings on ferromagnetic metals and alloys)


Type of probe

Coating thickness measurement



Measurement accuracy

Dimensions of the probe, mm  


probe F-0,3 0-300 μm ±(0,03h+0,001)


Ø5×40 Measurement of paint and

varnish and galvanic coatings

probe F-0,5 0-500 μm ±(0,03h+0,001)


Ø 7×14 Measurement of paint and

varnish and galvanic coatings

probe F-2 0-2000 μm ±(0,03h+0,002)


Ø 9×35 Measurement of paint and

varnish coatings

probe F-5 0-5000 μm ±(0,03h+0,002)


Ø 18×35 Measurement of paint and

varnish and mastic coatings


Coating on the non-magnetic metals

(Any (dielectric or metal) coatings on non-ferrous metals and alloys)

probe NF-2 0-2000 μm ±(0,03h+0,002) mm Ø 14×53 Measurement of anodic-oxide

films and paint coatings


Thick coatings on metals (dielectric coatings on metals)
probe M-12 0-12 mm ±(0,03h+0,001) mm Ø 18×55 Measurement of mastic coatings
probe M-30 1-30 mm ±(0,03h+0,002) mm Ø 24×51 Measurement of mastic coatings
probe M-60 1-60 mm ±(0,03h+0,003) mm Ø 40×76 Measurement of mastic coatings


Measurement of surface roughness, Rz

(After abrasive blasting pre-painting work)


probe DSH


2-360 μm


±(0,03h+0,002) mm


Ø 20×50

Measurement of surface

roughness after sand and shot blasting


Temperature, humidity and dew point
probe DT -50…+125° C + / – 1 ° C Ø 12×107 Temperature measurement


probe DTVR

Humidity: 0 – 100%


-50 … 125 °C

Dew point:

-15 – +40 °C


± 5 %


± 1 ° C


± 2 ° C



Ø 50×111


Measurement of temperature, humidity and dew point






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