NOVOTEST provide a wide range calibration blocks, reference blocks for ultrasonic testing. Reference Block V1 and V2 are the most common used reference (calibration) blocks for Ultrasonic

Testing. for setting parameters when inspecting objects made of low-carbon and low-alloy steels and determining the conditional sensitivity when inspecting any materials. Also Step Wedge Calibration Blocks, Set of KUSOT-180 ultrasonic thickness calibration blocks can be supplied.

Calibration blocks of enterprises with notches are used to configure the sensitivity and duration of scan of ultrasonic flaw detectors for testing of various products (mainly flat sheets and pipes). They should be made of the same material as the tested object, wherein the geometry (thickness and surface radius of standard sample) has the same characteristics as tested item.

Linear dimensions of Step Wedge Calibration Blocks are individually available by a customer request and according to the acting regulatory and technical documentation.

By default, blocks are produced from the steel.


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