Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2 – is a device for non-destructive testing of chemical-thermal, thermal and thermomechanical treatments, evaluation of mechanical properties and residual stresses.


Using steel structure analyzer user is carried out identification and measurement of the mechanical properties of metal hardness, as well as measurements of products from ferromagnetic alloys in the presence of correlations between the studied parameters. In addition, the device is used for testing the surface layer of ferromagnetic material for grading the metal in steel grades.


KRC-M2 it is a transmitter made of the electromagnet with integrated Hall sensor and removable pole pieces. The principle of devices operation is following: There is a magnetization of controlled area of the tested object and its subsequent progressive demagnetization by the increasing field. Next is the fixation of the magnetic field in accordance with the coercive force of the material is measured and controlled items amplitude signals from the Hall sensor.


The main area of use of the Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2 – control of the stress-strain state and residual life of pipelines, elevators, cranes and lifts, pressure vessels, as well as the traditional control engineering and metallurgical products.


Advantages of Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2


  • The probe with optional display and buttons control of the main functions
  • Averaging 99 results, with the possibility to use the predictive average
  • Memory: up to 100,000 measurements with the ability to view them on the screen of the device, or transfer to a PC
  • Real-time clock – each measurement is saved with the date and time
  • Ability to enter additional scales and additional materials for calibration
  • Calibration mode of basic and additional scales
  • Adjust the brightness of the display, audio, language selection
  • Ability to save backups calibrations on the internal memory of the device

Smart sensors with built-in memory of calibrations

Specifications of Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2



Standard modes

Measurement of coercive force Current measurement

Code measurement (units)

Additional scale for calibration

The measuring range of the coercive force, А/сm (А/m) 1-40,0 (100-4000)
Measurement cycle, seconds, not more 5
Magnetize pulse
Additional scale for calibration 7
Power Li-Io batteries
Battery life, h, not less 8
Dimensions of the electronic unit, mm 270x230x70
Dimensions of the probe, mm 200x170x70


Available options of Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2


  • AC adapter / charger
  • Cable for PC connection
  • Case (bag)


Standard set of Steel Structure Analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2


  • The electronic unit
  • Probe
  • AC adapter / charger
  • Cable for PC connection
  • Software for PC
  • Instruction Manual
  • Case (bag)


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