The kit (set) for visual-optical control is designed for non-destructive testing by the visual-optical method in the workshop, laboratory, field conditions using the tools and means included in the set.

The kit (set) is intended for visual and measuring quality control:


◙ Incoming control

◙ Inspection of a base metal

◙ Preparation of parts and assembly units for assembly or for welding

◙ Welded joints and surfacing

◙ Manufacturing of parts and assembly units

◙ Correction of defects in welded joints and base metal, which is performed at the stages of incoming inspection of the base material, manufacturing (installation, repair) of parts, assembly units and products, and during technical diagnostics of the state of metal and welded joints during operation, incl. after the expiration of the estimated service life of the product

◙ Identification of deformations, surface cracks, delamination, sunsets, nicks, grooves, sinks and other discontinuities

◙ Checking the geometric dimensions of blanks, semi-finished products and parts

◙ Checking the admissibility of the identified deformations and surface discontinuities




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